5 tips for your outdoor portrait session | Family Photography

singapore outdoor family portraits

An outdoor photoshoot with your family may sound like a hassle – messy, sticky and tiresome. But if you and your family really love the great outdoors, we’d say, “Go for it!” With the right photographer and preparation, your session will actually turn out to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Here are some simple tips and reminders for a successful outdoor Family portrait session with your loved ones.

1. Communicate with your photographer your preferences.

Greenery, lakes, sandy beaches, urban surroundings or cultural spots? Is there a special occasion for your Family portrait session? A professional and dedicated photographer will suggest a suitable photoshoot location for your family and ensure every portrait created is frame-worthy. An experienced photographer will catch the best angles of not just you, but of the background as well. Sometimes, you’d be surprised at how a simple and inconspicuous spot can yield amazing photos.

2. Portable fans, tissue and wet facial wipes.

We all know how hot and humid the weather in Singapore is. Don’t be shy to request for a few seconds in between to wipe off your perspiration. You don’t want to look uncomfortable or drenched in your family portraits. When you are waiting for your turn, make full use of the portable fan to cool yourself down – it helps to lift your spirits and your smiles!

singapore outdoor family portraits

3. Bun or tie up your long hair.

Girls and ladies, if you have long hair and naturally perspire more easily, we strongly recommend you to bun, tie or clip it up – or use any methods which keep your hair in place and cool you down. It is not ideal when strands of your hair stick to your forehead or the sides of your face. This is especially so for children, as they tend to be much more active and are constantly running around – think “messy flying hair”. You also don’t wish to have grouchy little girls when their long hair starts trapping heat and perspiration at their necks and shoulders.

4. Dress appropriately.

Yes, it IS hot and humid in sunny Singapore. And I know you are probably tempted to wear your singlet, shorts and slippers. Furthermore, isn’t an outdoor photoshoot session supposed to be a casual affair? Well, that is not correct. A very casual get-up is convenient and comfortable, but let’s think about it: When you look back at your family portraits, how do you wish to be reminded of your precious family moments? A Family photoshoot is a significant event and you want to look good and presentable. No singlets, no slippers, no casual sandals. For boys and men, we really recommend collared shirts. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference.

5. Timing is key.

And of course, one of the most important elements of a successful outdoor Family portraiture session is in the timing. Avoid the afternoon sun when the light is harsh. Depending on the location, your photographer should be able to suggest a suitable timing for the best results.

singapore outdoor kids portraits

singapore outdoor kids portraits

singapore outdoor family portraits

You’ve probably noticed that most of the tips above relate to managing the heat and humidity in Singapore weather. This is simply because, heat and humidity is one of the top reasons why most parents who were initially considering an outdoor photoshoot session gave the idea up! 

It is actually not that daunting of a task to plan for an outdoor portrait session with your family. As we have mentioned, with the right photographer who is able to guide you along the way, it will be a breeze. And more importantly, these unique and beautiful memories with your loved ones will be yours to keep for a lifetime.

To find out more about an outdoor Family portraiture experience with us, give us a call at 8606 6950 – we would love to chat with you and create beautiful portraits for your family.