So cheery, so merry | Maternity Photography

singapore pregnancy belly painting

Can you tell if this gorgeous mummy is expecting a baby boy or girl? Observe carefully for the hint! ;)

When Mummy Elena approached us for her Maternity portraits, she requested to include maternity belly painting in her session. She told us she really loved the idea of it, and we were glad she did because she looks so beautiful with her baby bump art! Another amazing artwork painted by the talented Alicia from Happier Singapore. We are so excited whenever we work with her because she always does magic!

singapore pregnancy belly painting

We absolutely love the choice of this design for her pregnancy belly painting. So cheery, so merry! Really brings out the joy of welcoming a new life into the world, doesn’t it?

singapore pregnancy belly painting

Can you believe she was actually already into her 39th week of pregnancy? Still looking so radiant and incredible we almost couldn’t tell she would be giving birth just a couple of days after her Maternity photoshoot session with us.

Pregnancy photos are usually best done when mummy is between 32-35 weeks pregnant. But of course, we understand some mummies may have inadvertently put off planning for their Maternity shoot due to being overwhelmed, and then when nearing their delivery date realise that they do not wish to regret not having these magical moments documented. As long as you are not too uncomfortable physically, you still have time for your precious Maternity photos! We will just have to take it slower during your session and be careful not to over exert yourself. :) (But of course, if you can come in for your session between 32-35 weeks, it would be ideal.)

singapore pregnancy belly painting

The more we see Mummy Elena’s baby bump art, the more adorable it gets. ;)

singapore maternity portraits

Totally rocking our maternity gown – she looks stunning in it!

We were really glad that we got to document these wonderful moments for Mummy Elena before she popped. Looking through this collection of portraits just brings us so much joy, and we know it will mean even so much more to her and her family, especially years down the road.

To know more about how you can enjoy your very own Maternity portraits at our studio, give us a call at 8606 6950 – we would love to photograph you and your family during this amazing time of your lives!