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singapore newborn portraits

Oh, such perfection. :)

Precious Baby Aaron at 4.5 weeks old. The Newborn portraiture session with his family was especially heartwarming, for a reason.

We expected Baby Aaron to arrive in mid December, so we were surprised when we received a text message from Mummy Yeanne in early November informing us about his arrival. Baby Aaron arrived about 1.5 months earlier than expected, weighing just slightly less than 2 kg.

For premature babies, we definitely do not conduct their Newborn photoshoot during the usual time frame (2 weeks old and below). Health is always most important, and we will wait until they are discharged from the hospital and until their condition has fully stabilised. Once their condition has stabilised, they too can have beautiful Newborn portraits of themselves taken. And we know these photos will be all the more precious and dear to their parents.

Baby Aaron had to spend his first 16 days in the NICU at the hospital. You can imagine how difficult it was for his parents, not just during the first 16 days, but also after that when they had to learn to care for him at home. Like many other parents of premature babies, they were unprepared for the weeks that followed Baby Aaron’s birth as giving birth to a premature baby was unexpected.

Mummy Yeanne kindly shared her journey and story with us, and we hope to encourage and help other parents of preemies through her sharing.

Mummy shares

1. How did you feel when you first saw your baby and held him?
I can’t describe it in words. I just felt the world stop a few seconds when suddenly the gynae put him on the top of me and said, “Here is your baby.” All I could see was his face and he had his signature look with one eye open, like he was peeping at me and telling me, “Mommy, I can finally meet you.”

singapore newborn portraits

2. What was your greatest challenge/struggle after your baby was born?
Breastfeeding and handling Baby Aaron since he was so fragile and small. Lack of sleep. I had been googling a lot after he was born especially since he was a preemie. We were not prepared at all as we had thought I might be able to deliver a full term baby.

singapore newborn portraits

3. How did you cope with your challenges/struggles?
Compare less because all babies are unique on their own. Think positive, and keep telling myself that we are able to do it and overcome all the challenges. Praying will help to keep our faith and belief.

4. What words of advice and/or encouragement do you have for parents of premature babies?
Never give up on yourself and your baby. They are strong fighters and born as fighters. Especially for the mommies, don’t ever give up and always think positive, on the bright side. It will help your baby when you do so.

5. Motherhood is always an amazing and beautiful journey. What has been your most memorable moment with your baby so far?
When Baby Aaron is growing, he always amazes us with his milestones. It is like he is indirectly telling us that he is no different from a full term baby. Also, when he started to recognise us and smiled whenever we talked to him, we knew all the tiredness and backaches were paying off. =D

6. Are there any other things you would like to mention or share about your journey and experience?
Keep your faith in your baby and don’t ever stop communicating with your partner, even about your fear and worries. They will be your best pillar of support. Don’t be scared to ask for help or to question if there are any doubts, because that is when we truly learn.

singapore newborn portraits

Baby Aaron with daddy and mummy.

And here is a picture of Baby Aaron now, growing so well and at a healthy weight of 7.68 kg at 5 months old!

singapore newborn portraits

Such an adorable and sweet little boy.

Thank you Mummy Yeanne for accepting our interview, and for sharing adorable photos of Baby Aaron with us. It is really amazing and wonderful to see his growth over the months. Mummy’s little fighter, indeed! :)

Here are some of the gorgeous portraits from Baby Aaron’s Newborn session with us, done at 4.5 weeks old after he has stabilised.

singapore newborn portraits

This really is his signature look, isn’t it? ;)

singapore newborn portraits

singapore newborn portraits

singapore newborn portraits

Everything about this photo is so adorable it melts our hearts! His tiny toes, little fingers, chubby cheeks, double chin – just so cute as a button.

singapore newborn portraits
singapore newborn portraits

Mummy Yeanne’s love for her baby boy is beaming through her face.

singapore newborn portraits

Daddy is so glad to hold Baby Aaron in his hands, safe and sound and close to him.

singapore newborn portraits

Precious Baby Aaron.

We hope this post brings some joy, encouragement and insight to parents of preemies. We can only imagine how trying this period of time must be for you. Like what Mummy Yeanne says, do not be afraid to ask for help from professionals and your loved ones when you need it. Be strong for your little fighter, never give up, and you will make it through! Motherhood and fatherhood is still a beautiful and magical journey, and we hope you enjoy and savour every sweet and treasured moment from it.