Capturing happy Maternity moments for a cheery couple | Maternity Photography

We have to say we are really blessed to always meet very bubbly couples on our Maternity set. How we love our work! :D

We received a phone call from an excited mummy-to-be last month telling us she was already at her 38th week of pregnancy and would like to have her Maternity photoshoot done. Of course, we wasted no time and scheduled a session for her within that week! ;)

In fact, we get a couple of such “last minute” requests each month, and we totally understand some mummies-to-be get too busy with other preparation work and when they realise they want to have Maternity shots done, they are already nearing their due date. Or some mummies-to-be would actually be contemplating if they should do a Maternity photoshoot, and by the time they set their mind to do it lest they regret, they are ready to pop any time soon. :p

The best time for Maternity photoshoot is between 33-36 weeks of pregnancy, hence we always encourage clients to make a booking with us at least 1 month in advance to ensure availability of their most preferred time slot, especially if they prefer weekends. Why 33-36 weeks? This is because your baby bump would be almost fully bloomed and we can get beautiful shots of it, and also, you usually do not feel too uncomfortable or heavy at this stage.

So mummies-to-be, if you are in your 2nd trimester right now and considering if you should book a Maternity photoshoot session for you and your family, we say, “Go for it and you will definitely be glad you made the choice to do so!” :) All our mummies and daddies have always enjoyed their sessions with us and love their Maternity photos. These moments are indeed one of the most beautiful and precious ones, journaling their journey to parenthood. :)

If you are already past your 36th week, fret not, as you would still be able to get beautiful photos from your Maternity session. We will definitely try our best to fit you in our schedule, and of course take extra care during the session to ensure you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy throughout. :)

Now, sharing some of the very happy Maternity photos we did for this pair of very cheery parents.  :D

singapore maternity photography

We love mummy’s choice of colours here. :)

singapore maternity photography

singapore maternity photography

Fun shots are always part of our sessions! ;)

singapore maternity photography

Eagerly waiting for the arrival of baby Danial. :)

singapore maternity photography


We did their Newborn session last week, and baby Danial is such a handsome little boy! We are so glad that daddy and mummy love the outcome – do check back our space for an upcoming blog entry about baby Danial’s Newborn photoshoot session with us! ;)