1 year old birthday cake smash | Children Photography

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Prepare a beautiful yummy cake, get your almost-1-year-old baby to make a big mess out of it while smashing it, and commission a professional photographer to document the whole process! This idea may sound completely new and unusual to most people, not forgetting the very messy situation involved, but it certainly is lots of fun!

The trend of cake smash photography probably originated from the Mexican tradition, though no one can really confirm it. Nevertheless, it sure is becoming a hit among families recently, even in Singapore.

We had a smashing time (pun intended) celebrating Oliver’s 1-year-old birthday on our set with his personal cake smash portraiture. Mummy prepared the cake and props for the session.

We love observing how babies react when they have their very first taste of cake. They are always so adorable, and in some cases, hilarious.

singapore children photography in orange studio

Oliver still oblivious to the delicious cake right beside him. It is obviously because he hasn’t experienced the sweetness of it yet! ;)

singapore children cake smash photography

This shot always cracks us up. Oliver’s initial reaction to his very first contact with the birthday cake, or rather, with any cake. :p He was engrossed with the toy carousel for a bit too long, and we had to nudge him towards the cake and start the ball rolling for him. Fret not, he didn’t stay this way for long, heh.

singapore children cake smash photography

Yes, you can see how he’s enjoying his cake tasting so much at this point in time. Haha. He almost has this look which says, “Mummy, this is GREAT stuff! Are you sure you are allowing me to indulge in it?” Well, boy, this is your privilege of turning one! ;)

singapore children cake smash photography

And on to doing kids stuff – smashing the cake.

singapore children cake smash photography

Big brother joining in the fun – and here’s a hilarious moment to make us laugh.


No doubt, there is a lot of work required for cleaning up of the studio after each cake smash session, but we still love doing it with clients, because it is simply too much fun to miss out on! You do not have to worry about washing up after the session, as we provide shower facilities at our studio which your children can use conveniently and comfortably. The most important thing is for you and your kids to enjoy yourselves and have a good time during the cake smashing. Let us do the job of preserving this precious milestone, these adorable and sometimes amusing moments for you and your family.

If you want to know more about commissioning us for your child’s 1st year birthday cake smash portraits, call us at 8606 6950 – we will be glad to chat with you!